North Carolina Supports Fracking

Energy costs in the US have been sky rocketing recently due to over-regulation by the federal government and the ever decreasing value of the dollar. Thankfully, there are options to lower the cost of energy such as fracking, the process of extracting natural gas from shale rock. More importantly, 75% of North Carolinian voters support increased access to domestic oil and natural gas resources including energy from shale. On top of this, 90% believe more oil and natural gas development would lead to more jobs and lower energy cost, according to a recent poll conducted by Public Opinion.

This past Tuesday, over 30 FreedomWorks activists turned out in Chapel Hill to support fracking, a vital issue to the economy, energy independence, and energy costs in North Carolina. This is an issue that both sides of the isle can get behind as Democratic Governor, Beverly Purdue, who originally vetoed a bill that would have allowed testing for fracking now states that fracking can be done safely in the state. It is a win-win issue for all North Carolinians, lower energy costs and more jobs is a no brainer, especially during these tough economic times.

“It’s jobs. It’s a fuel source produced in this country, and it’s something that can help America and North Carolina be globally competitive,” –Governor Purdue

It is suspected that there is a great deal of natural gas in over 13 counties in North Carolina, a substantial number that can produce a great deal of natural gas. The main concern over the issue of fracking is environmental safety. However, as technology advances and the energy policy of the Obama Administration (or lack thereof) declines, more and more Americans are in support of fracking for its results of lower energy costs and job creation.

The average price of gas in the US today is an astonishing $3.90, a price no American can afford. If North Carolina succeeds in fracking, it can be a major step forward towards job creation and energy independence as well as a prime example for other states to follow suit.

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