Obama Adminstration Launches Propaganda Health Care Website

On July 1, the Obama administration launched its newest propaganda website, healthcare.gov. As expected, the website is part of Obama’s continued public-relations campaign that pushes to sell the American people on ObamaCare. Certainly, the American people should be informed on how their health care quality will change under the new law. Unfortunately, the Obama administration ignored the Republican’s request for a true consumer information tool by creating a tax-funded promotion portal. The webpage candidly exposes its bias on the homepage stating that “Health care is getting better. So is HealthCare.gov.” Clearly, this statement is a subjective belief that is not based on any facts. Furthermore, the administration’s one-sided website spreads false campaign promises claiming that ObamaCare “will hold insurance companies more accountable and will lower health care costs, guarantee more health care choices, and enhance the quality of health care for all Americans.”

 As you might have expected, the “consumer information” website seems to have forgotten some important information. Despite Obama’s promise that his health care bill will not add a “single dime to our deficits”, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that ObamaCare will add $250 billion over the next 10 years. Conveniently, the website fails to mention the new tax hikes that will take effect to pay for Obama’s $2 trillion health care takeover. The misleading “Timeline: What’s Changing and When” on the website is lacking information regarding the future HSA Withdrawal Tax Hike, “Medicine Cabinet Tax” and “Special Needs Kids Tax” along with all of the other tax hikes hidden in the new ObamaCare law. During these hard economic times, we cannot keep taxpayers in the dark about these harmful tax hikes in the near future. 

Fortunately, the American people are not falling for the Obama administration’s sneaky tactics. Last week, a Rasmussen poll was released revealing that 60 percent of Americans support repealing ObamaCare. Obama may be using his new “information” portal to make every effort to sell his unconstitutional health care plan but the American people know better. We will not stopping fighting this costly and massive government takeover of the healthcare system until it is rightfully repealed with common sense free market solutions.