ObamaCare: Coercing the Young to Finance Their Elders

Democracy and Power 104: Future Debt Burden

A government debt is a government claim against personal income and private property – an unpaid tax bill. —Hans F. Sennholz

Excessive spending and inflicting, debilitating debt is integral to all modern democracies. Why? Elected politicians institute programs for current voters and shift the debt to future workers, even the unborn. Social Security, Medicare, prescription drug benefits for seniors are prime examples in America.

ObamaCare:  Coercing the Young to Finance Their Elders

In order to subsidize healthcare for older Americans, 2.7 million uninsured, young people must buy the government-mandated ObamaCare –  potentially a $4000 a year expense…if not more.   Dean Clancy,  Vice President of FreedomWorks, has said:  “The whole scheme is enlisting young adults to overpay, so other people can have subsidies. That unfairness reminded us of the military draft.

Matt Miller, a columnist for the Washington Post, ridicules Clancy for what he calls  the “youth hoax,” and the “burn your ObamaCare draft card” campaign.   By inference, Miller proclaims Clancy’s and FreedomWorks’ ideology (liberty protected by small and honest government) has become so consuming to a point of idiocy.

However, in his attack on FreedomWorks and the GOP (which have different political values and objectives), Miller acknowledges that American youth are financing older Americans’ health expenses.  As Miller wrote in the Washington Post

Compare a typical, strapping young employee of 28 to her broken- down 58-year-old colleague. These two employees have very different annual health expenses. Yet under the nefarious plot known as “group health insurance,” they basically pay the same premiums.

Miller asserts that most young Americans with insurance are enrolled in their employer’s “nefarious plot known as group health insurance.”  Thus, because young people chose to have employer-provided health insurance, Miller concludes government has the right, obligation and duty to force all young Americans to pay for their “broken- down 58-year-old colleague.”

Miller’s ideology is that America must extend the federal government’s incoherent and unfair health payment system.  For example, the employer who provided “group health” is tax free.  The employer deducts the expense as a cost of doing business and is not taxed.  Likewise, the employee is not taxed on their employer paid insurance.  Conversely and wrongly, a person buying their own insurance pays with after-tax dollars.   And so…government has condoned and created an unfair system – some people are taxed and others are not.

This unfair medical payment scheme was originally conceived by private business to circumvent the wage and price controls enacted in World War II.   Ever since the 1940s  America’s medical payment scheme has been manipulated, contorted and corrupted by politicians and special interests politics.  Alas, Miller wants to extend this unfair and incompetent government system by forcing young people to pay for their“broken- down 58-year-old colleague.”   

ObamaCare, along with Social Security and Medicare, becomes another coercive and crushing financial burden forced by government on the young to pay for their elders.  Without a doubt, this government induced idiocy, the immoral debt burden on children and grandchildren, will end.  At some point, young Americans will refuse to pay for the compounding debt imposed by ObamaCare, Social Security and Medicare.  

Today, young Americans should refuse to buy ObamaCare’s mandated “insurance.”  “Burning their ObamaCare draft card’ will be a major step forward in stopping the crushing debt burden that our idiotic politicians – Republicans and Democrats – have placed on our children and grandchildren.

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