Obamacare’s Biggest Loser: The Youth

While the AARP was using their expansive membership and significant lobbying force to advocate for the Orwellian named “Affordable Care Act”, who was looking out for the real losers in this behemoth new law?

Who are the real losers you ask?  They are the young; the 21-29 year olds who overwhelmingly supported the government takeover of health care as well as enthusiastically reelected President Obama.  

Earlier this year, I wrote on the massive increase expected in premiums for this specific demographic and how even with subsidies, insurance, while it may be “available” for everyone, it will not be affordable for most. 

One of the major selling points for Obamacare was the provision that allows young adults, up to the age of 26 to stay on their parents insurance.  Sounds great right?  The government website even claims:

“By allowing children to stay on a parent’s plan, the law makes it easier and more affordable for young adults to get health insurance coverage.”

Wrong. The ACA will effectively do away with most “catastrophic” or high deductible plans which are generally the most most affordable and best suited for healthy, young people. Health Savings Accounts will also see a drastic rise in premiums, and will most likely cost the young more in premiums than they’ll use in services.

Don’t forget the individual mandate, which will force everyone to purchase insurance, whether or not you can afford it or need it.  As Ben Smith of BuzzFeed politics put it, Obama is preparing to “screw his base” and I agree. The question remains, will his base revolt as reality sets in or will they be content to keep marching “forward” toward economic ruin? 

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