Obamacare’s Negative Impact on Young People

In the past few weeks, the debate over Obamacare has been dominating the news, and has become one of the most, if not the most heated topics in the nation. Debate will continue, especially as people try to shop for coverage during its rocky launch. But there is one thing that should need no more debate – Obamacare will hurt young people.

According to a recent article by US News, an average 27 year-old male will pay 235% more for health insurance under the “Affordable Care Act.” Another recent study by the AAF (American Action Forum) shows the rate increases to be even more steep in some states.  According to their study, the lowest cost option for an average, healthy, nonsmoker, would have them paying 265% more for health insurance in 2014 than 2013 nationally.  In the state of Vermont, health insurance for young people would increase by 600% under Obamacare. Yes, you read that right. That is equivalent to $332 more per month than in 2013.

Do you know a recent college grad or newly married person who can afford those increases?  Our nation’s youth have already been pushed into an increasingly tougher job market, high student loan debt, all-time high tuition rates, and a horrible economy to clean up. This younger generation cannot afford to pay more for their health insurance as well.  According to FloridaWatchdog.org, most young people would actually rather pay a penalty than be forced to sign up for ACA. That’s right, pay a penalty for a product they cannot afford. 

 With the present crisis we are in, these new economic realities are another tough blow to millennials. As of July 2013, the youth unemployment rate was at 16.3% nationally, an astronomical number. Our government needs people working too, because they need their tax revenue.  Right now, if every US citizen paid $53,000 toward our national debt it would barely cover it.  Of course, that number continues to climb every second as our national debt inches toward $17 trillion.

President Obama, does it seem likely that today’s youth can afford to pay up to 600% more for their health insurance?

People who live in reality know the answer to that question, but for some reason President Obama just doesn’t get it. The millennials helped elect him in 2008 and 2012, but now they could be paying a huge price for that support. 

Obamacare has already cost many employees their full-time positions as employers scramble to cut costs and hours and still provide the mandated coverage. The impact on families is showing in the recent polls. Public dissaproval of the law currently sits 10.3% higher than approval

As we continue to find out the true costs of this law and the impact it will have on all generations, one thing is for certain: the youth need to engage and let their politicians know that ObamaCare is destroying their future.  We have to let them know that we want real solutions to help fix our health care system. This generation cannot afford more entitlement programs that we’ll be funding for older Americans. Enough is enough.