Obama’s middle finger has a name: Craig Becker

On Saturday, among Barack Obama’s 15 “recess appointees” was SEIU attorney Craig Becker to a seat on the National Labor Relations Board. From that spot, Becker is likely to try to institute “Card Check” (or worse) through administrative fiat since it appears unable to pass Congress. Becker is as radical as anybody in (or formerly in) the Obama Administration. He’s as radical as the overtly socialist Carol Browner and the overtly communist Van Jones.

He believes that all businesses should be unionized, that unions “need” the right for “home visits” of workers, and that employers should have no right to discuss organizing with their employees.

It’s sadly predictable that despite Obama’s promises that he would not put people in positions of authority over issues directly relating to their prior employer, he has taken a lawyer directly out of the SEIU and put in him a critical position overseeing Federal labor policies.

And again, he’s not just any union lawyer.

In their op-ed entitled “Andy Stern’s Go-To Guy“, the Wall Street Journal notes that

In a 1993 Minnesota Law Review article, written when (Becker) was a UCLA professor, he explained that traditional notions of democracy should not apply in union elections. He wrote that employers should be barred from attending NLRB hearings about elections, and from challenging election results even amid evidence of union misconduct. He believes elections should be removed from work sites and held on “neutral grounds,” or via mail ballots. Employers should also be barred from “placing observers at the polls to challenge ballots.”

More extraordinary, Mr. Becker advocated a new “body of campaign rules” that would severely limit the ability of employers to argue against unionization. He argued that any meeting a company holds that involves a “captive audience” ought to be grounds for overturning an election. If a company wants to distribute leaflets that oppose the union, for example, Mr. Becker said it must allow union access to its private property to do the same.

For more about Becker’s radical views, you can read THIS.

But the Becker appointment was more significant than Becker and the NLRB.

It is a giant middle finger being waved by Barack Obama at Senate Republicans and at the American people.

Just before giving Becker the NLRB position, which will be held for a year under the recess appointment, Obama received a letter signed by all 41 Republican Senators asking him not to do so.  Obama also knew that at least one Democrat (Ben Nelson of Nebraska) is opposed to Becker and at least a few others probably are.

In other words, with Becker’s appointment, Obama is sending a message. And that message is “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!”  Obama knows he’s going to lose much of his power in November and maybe all of it two years later, and he’s showing that he’s learned a particular lesson from the outcome of the ObamaCare saga. And that lesson is that he should push forward with the biggest, most expensive, most socialist, most anti-business agenda he can regardless of what the Republicans or even the American citizenry think.

For the Fabian socialists, transformation of society into their far-left utopian vision is a process – an evolution rather than a revolution.  Obama believes that this is his time to be the final agent of that century-long evolution.  I am convinced he doesn’t care if he wins reelection; he will gladly live with the legacy of being the man who gave us socialized medicine and, if he’s lucky, a raft of other disastrous Progressive measures including amnesty for illegal aliens, the Fairness Doctrine, Card Check, Cap-and-Trade, and a massive increase in government intrusiveness into the financial services industry.

As Human Events reporter Connie Hair noted while speaking with me on Backbone Radio on Sunday evening, the public has taken the mask off the Obama Administration, so the Administration is taking off its gloves.  And it’s going to beat up Republicans mercilessly as well attacking every aspect of our free enterprise system.

Make no mistake, we are living through the desired path of Obama’s true guiding light, Saul Alinsky, and we are living through it with tactics as close as one can get in this country at this time to those of any fascist or communist dictator in history.  As a friend said, “Hugo Chavez takes notes from these guys.”

The appointment of Craig Becker is Obama’s way of telling us that he’s coming after us, after our wallets, our liberty, and our children’s futures.  He has declared war on capitalism and freedom.  Will capitalists and free people go gentle into that good night, afraid to take on “The One” or simply in a media-fed Obama-Kool-Aid-induced coma?  Or will we, as I predict with more optimism than usual, finally recognize not just a tyrant but the entire tyrranical system of Progressivism which has created him and imposed him upon us? Will the majority of somnambulating Americans who were misty-eyed willing collaborators in Barack Obama’s election admit that they were deceived and have the courage to change their bad decision?  If so, we may indeed be seeing the rebirth of our republic.  If not, when Atlas does shrug, one wonders who will be left to sort through the rubble.