Obama’s Own HillaryCare

Townhall’s Amanda Carpenter details Senator Barack Obama’s plan for universal health care that he laid out on the heels of Hillary Clinton’s universal health care announcement last week. Obama’s plan, which would be implemented by the end of his first term, would pay for the cost of those added into his system by rolling back the Bush tax cuts. FreedomWorks Chief Economist Wayne Brough was quoted for the article on the perils of increasing government control of the health care system:

“anyone tinkering with this system should exercise great caution. Many of these reforms were debated, and ultimately rejected, when President Clinton pushed to expand the federal government’s control over health care.”

Brough explained, “While concerns about pre-existing conditions lie close to the core of the health care reform debate, simply requiring private insurers to extend such coverage may, in fact, raise the cost of insurance for everyone, making affordable coverage even less accessible. It would be better to allow states to examine alternative approaches, rather than create a new federal mandate.”