October Freedom Artist: Betty Taylor

Our October artist, Betty Taylor, is one of our talented painters. All of her work is vibrant and expressive, conveying beauty in texture and color, regardless of subject. Though more of a traditional artist, Betty is beginning to branch out to create more conceptual and editorial pieces. We are excited for her new direction and look forward to seeing where she goes with her new inspiration.

Betty Taylor, Artist Statement:

I love having the opportunity to interpret the beauty of Oregon scenes to my art. The intricacies of detailing flora as well as the gentle brush stroking of green valleys supply both challenges and enjoyment when putting my vision to canvas.
To view our surroundings and our country in a positive light thru art is important. However, the stories of corruption and deceit that plague our political system need to be told also. Art has, since the beginning of man, reflected the history of our cultures and development as humans. These depictions are helpful to the extent that the truth is revealed. I am proud to be a part of a group of conservative artists that works to bring the full picture to American citizens.