Anti-tax group is relentless

We should be very worried about the attempt by Citizens for a Sound Economy to defeat a small tax increase proposed by the state Legislature to pay for essential state services. This group is trying to control our state; they are financed by large corporate interests, headquartered in Washington, D.C.

This is outrageous and may not be new, but this group seems particularly insidious and relentless in trying to shape our future to suit their ultraconservative agenda. The tax increase is a small price to pay to keep services funded in Oregon. Most families will only see a moderate increase.

But this group is playing on fears that Oregonians have when they hear the word “taxes” at any time. We won’t even know who is paying for all of this until after the deadline is past for signature gathering.

Here’s some advice to people who would sign a petition backed by this group: Don’t hand over your future to a secretive group with scare tactics and money that will disrupt the well being of our state.