Barack Obama: If Michelle Nunn wins, Democrats keep control of the Senate

If you’ve enjoyed ObamaCare, tax hikes, and everything else that has been a part of President Barack Obama’s disastrous economic agenda, then you’re totally going to love Michelle Nunn, says, well, President Obama.

Though Nunn has worked hard to avoid being tied to President Obama — after all, his approval rating is in the dumps in the Peach State — during an appearance this morning on an Atlanta-based radio station, he directly connected himself to her campaign.

"Michelle Nunn will win the Senate if there’s high turnout among Democrats. And if there is low turnout, or just ordinary turnout, then she won’t win," President Obama told V-103’s Wanda Smith. "And if Michelle Nunn wins, that means that Democrats keep control of the Senate. And that means we can keep on doing some good work."

Nunn has played coy on ObamaCare, one of the biggest issues facing Georgians. Though she’s been asked several times, Nunn won’t say whether or not she would’ve voted for ObamaCare. As President Obama said earlier this month, he may not be on the ballot in 2014, but his policies are. And there is no question that Nunn would be a solid vote for President Obama’s agenda.