…. but is it a tax increase?

OK, so the Republicans went along with a “compromise” that keeps the corporate kicker for all but the smaller businesses, raises the corporate minimum tax and cuts the estate tax between the $2 and $3 million level.

Yes, they caved. Republicans should not raise taxes. First, it is the wrong thing to do, but second, it is a stupid political thing to do. Standing for lower taxes is the party’s best and most popular position. We should never give it up.

So I am disappointed, although hardly surprised.

I am surprised, however, that the liberals are arguing over at BlueOregon that this deal is not a tax increase! Reminiscent of Clinton’s hedging over the definition of “is,” the Bloregonians are whining about FreedomWorks sending out postcards in Democrat districts telling voters that their newly elected Democrat legislator just backed a $250 million tax increase.

“Foul play!” they say. “it’s not a tax increase!” “That is a juvenile political tactic!”

Huh? Informing people about Democrat positions is a juvenile political tactic? And what planet must you be from to argue that this is not a tax increase?

Here’s a clue: if you change the tax code and the result is an increase in government revenue, it’s a tax increase. It is really not all that complicated.