Campaign Rhetoric Continues to be Nothing But Talk

(Concord) Jennifer Horn today claimed to have pledged to forego earmarks and oppose tax increases from “Day One”, but a check of the list of signers of both the No Earmarks Pledge and Taxpayer Protection Pledge show that Horn has not yet taken either. Horn made the assertions at a Concord Candidates’ Forum sponsored by the Blue and Gold Star Mothers of New Hampshire.

Hillsboro Republican Grant Bosse is the only candidate in the Second District to take both the Freedom Works “No Earmarks Pledge” and the Americans for Tax Reform “Taxpayer Protection Pledge”.

“Jennifer Horn is saying the same thing about earmarks that Paul Hodes said two years ago, but now he supports the same corrupt system he railed against,” Bosse said. “How can we trust Horn not to do the same?”

In signing the No Earmark Pledge on March 31st, Bosse promised not to seek or support any earmarks if elected. FreedomWorks does not list Horn as having taken the Pledge. By signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge on April 15th, Bosse promised to oppose any increase in marginal tax rates, and to oppose any increase in the overall tax burden placed on Americans. Americans for Tax Reform has listed all candidates who’ve taken the Pledge up to April 4th, and Horn is not listed there either. Today she claimed to have taken the Pledge on the day she announced her candidacy in February.

“Jennifer Horn talks a good game on earmarks and tax reform, but it’s nothing but talk,” Bosse continued. “If Jennifer Horn is serious about controlling taxes and spending, why won’t she back it up by signing these two pledges?”