Common Core FAQs – Your Questions Answered

The Common Core. Now that we’ve established that you have heard of it before, let’s go a little deeper into the topic. We’ve all heard that our education system is broken, right? Then, one would assume that Common Core would attempt to be the solution to the problem.

Since we’re talking about solutions here, we would also assume that the Common Core would help improve critical thinking and problem solving skills. Both of these are something that is so desperately needed in our world that seems to be lacking a whole lot of independent thinkers. I’ll be honest, lately we seem to be all about the collective, the greater good, if you will. Well, surely something such as Common Core, the alleged solution, wouldn’t have a socialist or statist agenda. Read on….

I have mentioned in numerous posts before that I’m a home school mom, so it shouldn’t be surprising to some of you that the article that I’m citing for this particular blog comes from the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). They came up with their own set of FAQs for Common Core and my intention for this blog was to do that same thing, but I thought, why reinvent the wheel? I’m going to share it with you.