Conservatives Would Love to Say Good Things About Mitch McConnell — But Not Until He Delivers

Conservative grassroots activists are dissatisfied with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., for good reason. It is not personal, and it is not simply because he is the majority leader. The anger is based on his history of policy failures and policy betrayals. Most conservatives would love nothing more than to be praising McConnell for his leadership in the Senate, for fulfilling his promises and passing bills to put the country back on the right track.

But under McConnell’s "leadership," the Republican Party has gone from being "the party of no" to "the party of nothing." It is mid-October, and no legislation has been passed to fulfill the major Republican campaign promises. When in session, the Senate has worked an average of 2.5 days per week – and they went on vacation the week before last.