Democrats Are Trying To Quietly Pass One Of The Most Radical Bills In American History

While Americans are focused on Sen. Ted Cruz’s vacation, (Mr.) Potato Head and the debate over the COVID-19 relief package proposed by President Joe Biden, Democrats in Congress are attempting to pass an unprecedented, radical piece of legislation which would reshape American election law, destroy privacy protections and undermine election integrity. Unfortunately, this bill, H.R. 1, just passed the House of Representatives last night, and only a single Democrat had the courage to vote against it.

H.R. 1, referred to by its sponsors as the “For the People Act,” has received little media attention since it was introduced Jan. 4. This isn’t because Democrats and their media allies are not supportive of the bill — quite the contrary — it’s that the far left is scared of Americans finding out what the legislation contains. In the infamous words of Nancy Pelosi during the Affordable Care Act debate, Democrats are trying to pass this bill before Americans see what’s in it.

H.R. 1 undermines the sovereignty of states to enforce their own election laws as determined by Article I, Section 4 of the Constitution. In an unprecedented move, the legislation would create a three-judge panel tasked with redrawing congressional districts — stripping state legislatures of their power in this area. The granting of this authority to unelected jurists, rather than officials who have been chosen by their constituents to make these decisions, is central to this leftist power grab.

The far-left lunacy doesn’t end there. One of the most dangerous parts of H.R. 1 is its gutting of privacy protections for donors to organizations involved in political activity. As a result of this provision, any individuals who donate to a political group will have their names and other personal information handed over to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

While supporters of the bill contend that this is being done in the interest of “transparency,” this seemingly innocent excuse couldn’t be further from the truth. Listing the names and personal details of political donors will scare countless Americans out of participating in the civic process.

And we all know what happened the last time the IRS was controlled by Democrats: President Obama’s administration selectively targeted businesses based on their affiliation with the Tea Party. Given that Democrats haven’t hesitated to use the IRS in the past to go after political dissidents, why should Americans — particularly conservatives — willingly give a record of their political donations to a federal government and IRS dominated by those same Democrats?

Sadly, that’s just the beginning. H.R. 1 would gut voter ID laws by undermining states’ ability to implement voter ID laws — instead, voters can simply sign a statement affirming that they are the individual they claim to be. This alternative would open the door to fraud in voter registration, as well as double voting and voting by non-citizens; all of which would undermine American election integrity.

Arguably, the most corrupt provision of H.R. 1 is a 6-to-1 federal subsidy provided for certain candidates for small dollar donations. If this legislation is passed, it would mean that millions of tax dollars would be allocated to support political campaigns and causes which the taxpayers themselves may oppose. Imagine if the tax dollars of conservative voters went towards the warchests of far left progressives like AOC, or if liberal voters’ tax dollars were used to fund Ted Cruz’ re-election bid — this would be a reality if H.R. 1 was signed into law.

Americans are justifiably paying attention to the news regarding COVID-19 relief and the latest from the Biden administration. However, the debate surrounding H.R. 1 remains just as important. If President Biden and Democrats in the Senate are able to ram through this legislation, it would be a disaster for election security, the Constitution, and our country.

Noah Wall is vice president of Advocacy at FreedomWorks, a nationwide grassroots organization dedicated to lower taxes, smaller government, individual liberty and the American rule of law.