Democrats’ Other Scandal: What Did the President Know About ObamaCare and When?

Hillary Clinton’s cascading email scandal has overshadowed the other bombshell from last week: ObamaCare’s exploding premiums. Were these honest mistakes or was there a health care coverup here as well?

It may be time to ask: What did the president know and when did he know it?

Everyone now sees and feels financial calamity of ObamaCare. With the latest news of premium increases of 20-25 percent, insurance companies dropping out, and rising costs to taxpayers, this is truly the Hindenburg of health plans. With deductibles up to $3,500 for average families Out-of-pocket costs can be double what they were before ObamaCare.

This now has the look of a large-scale financial fraud. Liberals rammed the Affordable Care Act through Congress, and as Nancy Pelosi admitted, few Democrats read the bill before passage. Perhaps that was so they could plead plausible deniability.

We know that one of the scholarly architects of the plan knew of its defects and privately called the voters stupid to support it.

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