Disdain for Bush clouds judgment of good plan

Disdain for Bush clouds judgment of good plan

Reading the May 24 letters to the editor regarding Social Security reform, it would appear that it is not the policy pursuits of this administration that rankle the feathers of Journal Sentinel readers, but rather people’s deep-seated disdain for President Bush.

The majority of the letters resorted to criticism of the president as a person and were far from being reasoned as a matter of policy. Seldom is a sound argument for Social Security reform proffered other than through uncreative tax increases and benefit cuts.

Allowing today’s younger workers to invest in their retirement will alleviate the long-term strain of a projected shortfall of $11 trillion. By eliminating Congress’ access to the Social Security surpluses and imposing fiscal discipline on Congress, transitioning to a system of personal accounts would be possible.

Voluntary personal accounts within Social Security let every worker participate in the economic opportunities that America offers. They allow workers to own their future, build something from the fruits of their labors and ultimately offer control and inheritability.

Dan Huber