DNC: The Party of Bitter Woke White Women

The Democratic Party has moved from one that at least claimed to represent the interests of the working class to a party that barely hides its pandering to woke, oftentimes white coastal elites. The policies and speech of the DNC are now less focused on lifting people out of poverty and more focused on making sure that no one’s feelings get hurt.

But if that’s their MO, it’s clearly not working. The Democratic Party is angrier than ever, with its women members appearing to be especially enraged. The weirdest part is that anger is a qualifier that Democrats not only accept, but wear like a badge of honor. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) this past summer called herself “a rage mom,” the most recent iteration of woke adult women claiming to be fed up with politics and veering into activism.

But the problem with the outrage that comes from many Democratic women, that supposedly compels them to get involved with politics, is that it has nothing to do with actually making things better for the country’s poorest or most vulnerable. In reality, the squall of the Democrat rage machine is at once the sore loser’s referendum on 2016 and the cry of those secretly afraid of real, fundamental policy changes. These are the type of people who feel safer with Biden in office simply because he is perceived to be less uncouth than the sitting president.

For as much as conservatives get criticized for wanting to preserve a certain way of life, it is affluent liberals who are most deserving of this criticism. These voters are “Karen-esque” in their sense of superiority and entitlement. They think that everyone should think like them and that anyone who doesn’t is below them or unenlightened or uneducated. And based on today’s Democratic strongholds, these folks are often the definition of elitists. This year, California donors, including A-list celebrities and Disney executives, spent roughly $38 million in Senate races outside of their state. It’s no surprise that most of that money went to Democrats; and, in many cases, these out-of-state donations surpassed the amount of money shelled out by in-state donors. But as we’ve ultimately seen, no amount of Hollywood funds could sway South Carolinians to vote for Jaime Harrison over Sen. Graham or Kentuckians to vote for Amy McGrath over Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Virtue signaling is just as important to maintaining a woke way of life for Karen Democrats. That’s why white liberal women have taken to dominating the conversation on race and other cultural issues. In the city of Arlington, Virginia’s Dialogues on Race and Equity questionnaire, the biggest pool of respondents has been “middle aged white women who are relatively affluent,” the spitting image of diversity. Comedian Bill Burr perhaps put it best when he said that white women have “hijacked” the woke movement.

GOP women on the other hand, having made a conscious decision to put policies ahead of identity, are crushing the game. A record number of them have been elected to the House in 2020; their free-market, pro-liberty message is resonating with voters because it is hopeful yet down to earth and practical. It is a response to life as it is, not life as it exists in a perfect world. It is a message much more accessible than what Dems have to offer, as indicated by the diminishing Democratic House majority.

It seems as though no policy outcome would ever be enough to appease and dissolve the rage of the Democratic Party’s woke white women. My gut feeling, however, is that no matter who is in office, leftist women will always find something to gripe about. That’s why I am especially hopeful about the future of the GOP in this country, where reason still trumps anger and good policy is the real star of the show — and women are leading the way.

Parissa Sedghi is an Executive Vice President at FreedomWorks.