Donors continue to give to Measure 30 campaigns

The main coalition supporting the Measure 30 tax increase on Oregon’s Feb. 3 ballot raised $167,657 last week, while the group leading the opposition raised about $31,000.

Yes on 30 received hefty donations from unions representing teachers and local and state government workers, plus some smaller checks from businesses and other groups.

Citizens for a Sound Economy, which is spearheading opposition to the $1.2 billion tax increase, received one large check from A-Dec, a Newberg dental equipment company.

Campaigns were obliged to file reports Monday for donations of more than $500 received from Jan. 19 to Jan. 25, or expenses of more than $1,000. Large donations raised this week must be reported on Friday.

There were no surprises Monday, as most of the large donations had been reported as pledges in last week’s filings.

Both sides in the campaign now are working on phone banks and other efforts to get their supporters to cast mail-in ballots. Many of last week’s donations were in-kind contributions, reflecting costs of phone banks and other efforts by unions and other groups to mobilize their members.

Measure 30 represents a tax-increase package passed by the 2003 Legislature to help balance the 2003-05 budget and to provide a cushion for the following biennium.

Citizens for a Sound Economy led a signature-gathering drive to place the tax increase package before voters.

Measure 30 would increase Oregonians’ income taxes from zero to 9 percent for three years, with a heavier burden for those making more money. The measure also would reduce an elderly medical-care tax break, raise the corporate minimum tax, reduce business tax breaks, extend an existing cigarette tax and shrink the discount for advance payment of property taxes.

Tax campaign funds

Large donors to Measure 30 last week (including in-kind donations):


# Oregon Education Association: $55,000
# American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees Council 75: $50,000
# Oregon Business Association: $20,030
# American Federation of Teachers: $15,000
# AARP (formerly the American Association of Retired Persons)
# : $7,800
# Northwest Natural Gas: $5,500
# Nike Inc.: $5,000

# A-Dec: $25,000
# Citizens for a Sound Economy: $5,958

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