Expose out-of-state interests

Thank you, Statesman Journal, for information about the donors to Citizens for a Sound Economy. As you stated, “the self-described grass-roots group” received millions from such grass-roots local citizens as Philip Morris (to oppose increased cigarette taxes), Microsoft (to curtail federal antitrust enforcement), the Florida Sugar Industry (to oppose Everglades restoration plans) and unspecified oil and gas industry corporations (to oppose a potential energy tax).

How dare Citizens for a Sound Economy come into Oregon to promote the interests of large corporations against the needs of Oregon’s own citizens and claim — falsely — that it is a “grass-roots” organization.

The law that created the temporary and rather small tax increase for real people also would require those huge highly profitable corporations to pay more than $10 a year in Oregon corporation taxes.

The tax will keep Oregon’s children in school for a full school year, fund health care for citizens that need it, keep the voter’s pamphlet and more.

Remember who benefits from repeal of the temporary tax that the Legislature took so long to enact. You can bet it won’t be Oregonians. Don’t sign the petition to bring the tax to a vote.

—Trudy Margules