Free us from outside influences

Furious. Outraged. Incredulous. These words only begin to describe my reaction upon reading Harry Esteve’s article, “Local antitax bid not so local” (Oct. 19).

Discovering that the defeat of Ballot Measure 28 (the temporary income tax increase that voters rejected in January) was orchestrated in large part by Citizens for a Sound Economy, a group based in Washington, D.C., with an antitax agenda was a shock and an outrage. To think that our state’s most vulnerable citizens and its children suffered at the hands of an outside group is unconscionable.

Now the group is orchestrating and funding the signature gathering to overturn the $800 million income tax increase approved by the Legislature in August.

Please tell us more about Citizens for a Sound Economy, which has infiltrated our state with its own propaganda. Tell us who its deep pockets are and its complete agenda. May the truth set Oregon free from outside influences.