FreedomWorks for America attends Utah GOP Convention

More than 50 FreedomWorks for America activists were at the Utah G.O.P. Convention August 15 in Sandy, Utah, where 3,000 delegates, activists and volunteers throughout the state attended Utah’s annual gathering. A special shout-out to Martha Dea and Candace Salima for volunteering all day and helping drive the recruitment other volunteers.

Our awesome volunteers helped us run the booth during the duration of the day. FreedomWorks for America came out with strong support for Senator Mike Lee, for repealing Common Core and for pushing against the expansion of Medicaid in Utah. We also gave out several hundred educational materials on justice reform.

FreedomWorks for America gave away more than 3,000 “I Like Mike” bumper stickers, 500 yard signs, 500 rally signs and thousands of lapel stickers. We also went through 500 of our “I Like Mike” t-shirts before 10 a.m.

“U.S. Senator Mike Lee received the loudest ovation of the event, making it very clear that Utah delegates approve the work he is doing in Washington, D.C.,” said Utah activist, Arturo Morales.