FreedomWorks: Will Democrat Candidates Talk About Retirement Crisis?

Of all the topics that I hear being discussed by the Democrats on the campaign trail, there is one set of issues that seems to never be brought up: Social Security and comprehensive entitlement reform. Issues which in my opinion, are probably the most pressing to our nations future generations.

There was a great post today from FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe on the FreedomTalks blog, discussing this issue in more detail.

This is definitely an important subject, and I urge all of my fellow bloggers to link to this blog post or one that is similar, and hopefully it will shed some light on what the Democrats (and Republicans) might want to start addressing during this campaign.

While those running for office wont be affected, there are millions of Americans who WILL be without Social Security by the time they reach the age of retirement if something isn’t done soon.