FreedomWorks for America Activists Sign-Blitz for Justin Amash

Rep Amash is one of the core conservatives in Washington DC. When we heard that Freedom Works for America was supporting Congressman Justin Amash in his primary, we felt it our duty to help him in any way we could. On Saturday, a group of Northwest Ohio Conservatives lent a hand to Justin Amash by working in his district, talking to people and putting up 500 yard signs to prepare for the August 5th primary.

I meet and talked to Rep. Amash almost two years ago now, back when House Speaker John Boehner removed several Conservative Congressman from their committees in "The Boehner Purge." There were several Ohio Conservative leaders at FreedomWorks doing a post mortem on the November 2012 election when someone came in the room and said; "All the conservatives have just been fired from their committees".

We packed up our stuff and walked over to the Capitol to meet with several of the Congressman who had just been removed. Heidie Huber (from Ohioans against Common Core) and myself (NW Ohio Conservative Coalition) spent about 20 minutes talking to Rep. Amash and his staff, offering him any support he needed.

*John McAvoy is a Conservative Activist from the Toledo Ohio area and helped Freedom Works for America organize the event that included a team of Amash supporters from NW Ohio.