Government-Run Health Care Subsidizes Moore’s ‘Sicko’ Lifestyle

Rots o’ Ruck… sorry for posting such horrid propaganda, but I thought it best to be ready for these morons.

Government-Run Health Care Subsidizes Moore’s ‘Sicko’ Lifestyle

Source: Business Wire

In the wake of Michael Moore’s new film ‘Sicko’ in which he advocates for a universal, government-run system, FreedomWorks announced its campaign to educate citizens on the economic impact of his plan.

Moore’s approach would make the government responsible for providing health care to all Americans. The huge cost would be born by taxpayers, and the bill would run in the trillions of dollars. Healthy individuals that require minimal care would wind up subsidizing people like Moore, who are overweight and/or live decidedly unhealthy lifestyles by frequenting fast-food restaurants, smoke, or use drugs.

As ‘Sicko’ begins screening in the United States, FreedomWorks’ nationwide grassroots army of nearly 850,000 activists and supporters will assist in the campaign of truth by handing out information at movie theaters that exposes Moore’s hypocrisy, points out the problems associated with government-run health care, and promotes the FreedomWorks solution of removing existing government barriers that prevent Americans from being able to use the free market to choose the care that suits their individual needs. The government is too involved in the health decisions between patients and their doctors already, and this has driven up prices and denied individuals the right to make health care choices for themselves and their families.

In the 2008 election cycle, Americans will have a choice between market based reforms that empower individuals and families, or socializing health care and turning it over to bureaucrats. FreedomWorks activists will educate voters and target candidates for Congress and the White House in 2008, urging them to reject the concept of universal health care.

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