Guess Which Loyal Obama Voting Bloc Gets Hurt the Most from His War on Coal

Despite the economic consequences of higher energy prices on low- and fixed-income Americans, President Obama is using the EPA to bankrupt the coal industry.

It’s no secret that Obama’s climate change agenda will drive electricity prices higher. In 2008, then presidential candidate Obama promised that his cap-and-trade policy would make electricity prices “skyrocket.”

A new study from the Pacific Research Institute reported that EPA’s proposed regulations to limit carbon dioxide emissions for existing power plants will have the greatest impact on blacks.

Michael Bastasch wrote about the study for The Daily Caller:

Environmental Protection Agency power plant regulations are projected to raise electricity prices in the coming years, forcing struggling families to pay more for energy. But African-American communities will be some of the hardest hit by the EPA’s “Clean Power Plan,” according to a new study.

The Pacific Research Institute reports that annual electricity spending for an African-American household in Ohio will rise from 4.5 percent of their income to 5.8 percent of their income due to the EPA’s plan to cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants — an increase of $408 annually in energy costs.

Blacks as a group are already suffering more from Obama’s policies and his climate change agenda is only going to add to the economic woes of black families where unemployment is 11 percent and average incomes are down.

Obama’s EPA regulations are going to drive more blacks to government dependency and the president’s climate change agenda is an example of the polices that I warned about in my book Blacklash: How Obama and The Left Are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation.

Obama is rewarding his overwhelming support by black voters with an energy policy that will significantly reduce their disposable income and reduce their economic liberty.

Tragically, the NAACP is fully backing Obama’s climate change agenda.

Unfortunately, loyal black Obama voters don’t realize the consequences of his energy policy. In this news story, I described the entire climate change movement: “It’s the green movement’s new Jim Crow law.”

Black voters need to understand the degree to which Obama’s energy policy is harming their families. That’s why energy policy is part of our outreach effort at

Now is the time for black Americans to wake up and recognize that Obama and the NAACP are advancing policies that will reduce their liberty.