Hey Republicans: “I don’t like the president” is not a legislative agenda

If Republicans manage to win the control of the Senate, it will not be because the party put forward an ambitious, principled agenda that inspired and motivated voters. In fact, according to data released last week by Gallup, voter engagement is at its lowest since 2002, when the GOP picked up two seats to win control of the upper chamber, and almost certainly will translate into lower voter turnout.

Neither party has given voters much to be happy about as they approach the mid-term election. Vulnerable Democrats are falling over themselves to avoid being tied to President Barack Obama and national party leaders. Whether the issue is ObamaCare, destructive environmental regulations, or foreign policy, Democrats do not want to be held accountable for their votes or the actions of this administration.

Republicans, for their part, are simply trying to play a mistake-free game. They want to run out the clock on the election without having to present a positive agenda that resonates with Americans. The GOP is more than willing to run against President Obama, rather than explain to voters what specifically they are for.