HR 800 and the Democrat plans to strengthen unions

Congress will soon vote on HR 800, the “Card Check Bill” which will make it easier for unions to unionize workers in the private sector. It will eliminate most of the secrecy in union balloting, allowing union intimidation of workers. It’s a terrible bill, part of the Democrats’ plan to pay back unions for their political support. It will probably pass the House, but I urge you to contact your Representative by Thursday morning and let him know you oppose the measure. On the bright side, President Bush will very likely veto the bill if it passes.

Here is a news story about the bill:
“Labor, business in congressional clash” (MarketWatch, 2/27/07)

Here is FreedomWorks note asking members to contact their Congressmen:
FreedomWorks Key Votes “No” on Card Check Bill, H.R. 800

And here is my letter to my Congressman