Hypocrisy: Democrats Continue to Support a Mail-in Election After Making the Case Against It

File this under the laundry list of liberal hypocrisy. While deriding President Trump for the misallocation of millions of stimulus checks to dead individuals, Democrats want to mandate that states send ballots to every voter on their role under the guise of COVID-19 precautions.

On June 25, the Inspector General of the Government Accountability Office released a report regarding the distribution of stimulus checks to Americans amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The report found that more than one million federal payments made under the CARES Act were to deceased individuals, in a stunning misallocation of over one billion taxpayer dollars.

Liberal media outlets and pundits wasted no time in pointing fingers. The New York Times claimed that the Treasury “failed to properly consult death records, resulting in improper payments.” Leftists on social media used the story as an excuse to deride the Trump administration and Republicans as “incompetent.”

It should be noted that the same Democrats who are amplifying the government’s failure to verify that recipients of stimulus checks were alive hold a starkly different attitude towards the government distributing tens of millions of mail-in ballots for the upcoming November election. While President Trump has correctly pointed out that a mail-in election would be ripe for fraud, leftists have doubled down on their support for national mail-in voting, stating that this is the safest way to cast ballots in the era of COVID-19.

The eagerness with which media figures and Democratic politicians have discarded their purported principles in the name of electoral victory, especially as of late, is astounding. The media’s favorable attitude towards groups who took to the streets in recent weeks sharply contrasts to their trashing of protesters who desired to reopen the American economy as “people who just want a haircut.” This issue is no different.

The same liberals who instructed Americans to “stay at home” before clarifying that this only applied when their political ends were not being fulfilled now demand that a government that sent checks to dead Americans mandate a mail-in election.

The federal government is unable to distinguish whether the recipient of a stimulus check is alive or deceased. How can we expect state governments to be able to distinguish whether the recipient of a mail-in ballot is alive or deceased?

A mail-in election would be a disaster for those who wish to uphold the integrity of the voting system, as President Trump and many Republican officials have acknowledged. But in recent days, Democrats have unintentionally made the case against nationwide mail-in voting. By pouncing on the Government Accountability Office’s report, they have ironically exposed the failure of the government in making decisions that would be critical to upholding the integrity of our elections.

If those one million erroneous payments were one million fraudulent mail-in ballots, the results of the 2020 election would almost certainly be materially altered. While President Trump has sounded the alarm on the well-documented downsides of mail-in voting, Democrats have dismissed these as a conservative talking point with no basis in fact. The truth is quite the opposite.

Leftists have seized on another opportunity to bash President Trump and his conservative allies. The failure of the government to vet those receiving payments authorized under the CARES Act is not a case for Democratic leadership. It is a case for constraining government power.

That starts with saying “no” to a mail-in election.