The IRS Can’t Write Its Own Laws

If you think Obamacare is a disaster now, just wait until the courts enforce the law as it was actually written. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the case of King v. Burwell, the appeal of a decision that allows the IRS to implement health care subsidies in states that did not set up insurance exchanges.

The issue at hand: There is no language in the president’s health care law that specifically empowers the IRS to implement those taxes and subsidized premiums in states that did not set up their own exchanges. In fact, they intentionally left that language out in order to incentivize states to participate in Obamacare.

The real intention behind the “special subsidies” is to lower the perceived costs of Obamacare coverage. In other words, the IRS is lying to the American people about the true cost of government-run health care.

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