Kemp: Brady could pass right into politics

Jack Kemp is a man with a plan — for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The former congressman and NFL quarterback thinks Brady would fit in as nicely in politics as he does behind center.

“I love the way he handles himself,” Kemp told Newsday. “I really admire him. He’s the man of the hour who’s going for a third Super Bowl. A guy with a record and image like that, particularly being a quarterback, would be perfect for politics.”

Wonder why no one thought about that for former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw?

“Ever since [former Oklahoma star] J.C. Watts and myself left Congress, we could use a little more help at the positions,” Kemp jested.

“If Tom were to run in Massachusetts or Michigan, he’d be attractive to both political parties. Although I hope he leans to the right. Seriously, he’s in the tradition of Roger Staubach or Bart Starr or Doug Williams, who I though would’ve been an excellent political candidate. I’d like to think quarterbacks are strong individuals and strong leaders who can articulate the needs of every person, regardless of ethnic background, religious preference or economic status.”

As opposed to what, say a guy who was a cheerleader at Yale or something like that?