This Labor Day, Pause Politics and Celebrate Americans

It’s no secret that America’s political divide has grown in recent years. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is so much anger, hate, and violence on the news and online. Millions of Americans are feeling the heat of this unusually bitter political environment and are suffering strains in their relationships because of it. Sadly, losing friends over politics seems to be the new normal.

While this trend may seem irreversible, most Americans do not want to continue down the path of extreme politicization. Recent polling conducted by FreedomWorks found that an estimated 70 percent of respondents support the idea of a day to celebrate Americans without politics.

So at FreedomWorks, we’re giving the people what they want and doing just that! This Labor Day, countless Americans will be joining us in putting politics aside and celebrating what unifies us: a love and appreciation for our exceptional country and gratitude for each other.

Thanks to the division sown by the media and our current state of political discourse, it is easy to point fingers and demonize those who disagree with us, to paint them as ignorant and misinformed. But right now, there is nothing more important than remembering what brings us together. The truth is, there are millions of Americans whose voices are not being heard, Americans who get along with their neighbors, help others, and love their country no matter what’s happening on the political grand stage. They want to see this country thrive and move past its wounds. These voices calling for unity need to be the loudest in our country. On Labor Day and always, it is up to us to amplify them and drown out the voices calling for more division and fighting.

And with so much political chaos, it’s also easy to forget how hard this year has been on a non-political level. Some have been sick and lost loved ones due to COVID-19. Many small businesses have had to close their doors forever. Americans deserve a break from politics, that’s for certain, but they also deserve a reason to celebrate. Otherwise, we risk getting caught up in the gloom and doom that has been 2020, and that’s not what Americans are about. Americans are known for looking on the bright side and putting our heads together to solve problems. On Labor Day, we have the chance to wipe the slate clean and restore our default of innovation, resilience, and hope.

The bottom line is that we must not allow politics to consume us. At the end of the day, we are all Americans and that is worth celebrating. There is more to our lives than putting our opinions on Facebook or arguing over the latest controversy at the dinner table.

If we as Americans fail to step back and take a break from the toxicity of the political climate, we risk widening the divisions between us. We must recognize that despite our disagreements, we share an appreciation and love for our country and each other as well as a desire to move forward.

On September 7, I will be pausing politics and celebrating Americans. I hope you will join me and share your story on

Parissa Sedghi is an Executive Vice President at FreedomWorks.