Lawsuit abuse adds to job losses

Saturday’s job rally in Point Pleasant emphasized the need to get in touch with Washington to bring American jobs back to this country. There were aspects of the job loss problem that received scant attention: the need for regulatory reform and lawsuit abuse.

Wayne Brough, chief economist for Citizens for a Sound Economy, reported that in 2000 alone, “American businesses spent $843 billion complying with federal regulations. American industries and businesses are strangled by red tape and regulation.”

Regulatory reform is a critical component for strengthening the economy. Like tax reform, it can strengthen incentives to invest and put Americans back to work.
Liberal senators from the East have been largely responsible for passing the excessive regulations — long before George W. Bush was elected president. Has Congress pulled the legs out from under American industries and businesses?
In a recent discussion of his economic plan, Bush acknowledged the need for reform, noting: “We must continue to cut useless government regulations that choke job creation.”

Most senators are lawyers. What has been done to rein in lawsuit abuse?

One incentive for American industries and businesses to relocate overseas has been the abuse of class-action lawsuits. Workers must be compensated if injured by their employers, but all too often, industries and businesses settle out of court in class-action suits rather than spend years in costly litigation.
Saturday’s rally speaker shouted into the microphone that we should ignore “God, guns and gays” in the next election.

Turning our backs on God, his sovereign law on marriage, or giving up our guns to the Big East liberal senators — Kerry, Kennedy and Clinton — won’t solve our job problem.

Contact Washington to bring back our American jobs and prevent the loss of further jobs. Contact your senators about regulatory reform and stopping lawsuit abuse.

By all means, buy American products.

Alice Click
Mt. Alto