LiveBlog – #WeWillNotConform

Thanks to The Blaze and Freedomworks, I was privileged to be invited to liveblog Glenn Beck’s live Common Core event tonight in Dallas/Ft. Worth. Below the fold I’ll be providing regular updates on the event for those who were not able to attend in theaters tonight to hear the information on how to defeat this Federal intrusion into education.


7:56pm (ET) – Glenn is on stage warming up the crowd and explaining the importance of this fight. Opens with a prayer. It is roughly 50 degrees in this studio which is about 10 degrees warmer than it was half an hour ago. The studio is packed with attendees.

8:00pm – We are live. It’s a little challenging from my vantage point to see what’s being shown on the actual screens but looks like a cartoon video on conformity. Beck’s team does a great job with these little snippets. Beck talks about the history of the soundstage in use tonight – including many TV shows and movies.