Make It Flake

There’s a vacancy on the House Appropriations Committee. That’s where all the money is spent and bills are larded up with pork. And the guy who has been most vocally and actively opposed to earmarks and pork-barrel spending, Republican Rep. Jeff Flack of Arizona, is seeking appointment by the GOP leadership to fill that opening.

Dubbed by the Wall Street Journal the “Anti-Appropriator,” Flake is being challenged for the spot by Republican Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma, who is also the head of the National Republican Congressional Committee. The fear is that Cole would use the slot on the Appropriations Committee to continue larding up bills as a way to help re-elect incumbent Republicans.

Big-spending/big-government Republicans lost the support of fiscal conservatives in the 2006 election and lost their House majority because of it. Who the GOP appoints to fill this vacancy will tell fiscal conservatives all they need to know about whether or not today’s GOP leaders have learned their lesson and deserve renewed support.

If you’d like to help those leaders make the “right” decision and appoint Rep. Flake to the Appropriations Committee then please go to this special Make It Flake website being sponsored by our good friends over at FreedomWorks and sign the online petition you’ll find there.

But do it right NOW, because Congress is coming back in session today and this appointment is expected to be made quickly once they reconvene.