Obama Shamelessly Exploits Children to Promote His Climate Change Agenda

In a classic left-wing ploy, President Obama dealt the child health card during his weekly radio address from the Children’s National Medical Center to promote his new EPA rules targeting coal-fired power plants.

The new rules announced June 2 are going to target carbon dioxide because of global warming fears, Obama’s address also included health concerns associated with emissions from burning fossil fuels such as coal that are already regulated by the EPA.

From Reuters.com:

Although the rules are intended to help Washington meet international obligations to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions blamed for global warming, the White House’s focus on human health benefits is part of a sales pitch to drum up support from the American public.

Obama recorded his address at a medical center in Washington, where children with asthma were treated.

“Often, these illnesses are aggravated by air pollution, pollution from the same sources that release carbon and contribute to climate change,” he said. “And for the sake of all our kids, we’ve got to do more to reduce it.”

Since “saving” the world from catastrophic global warming is not enough to rally voters to his side, Obama decided to bolster his argument for his greenhouse gas regulations by throwing in the kitchen sink of air pollutants to generate health fears.

Obama is interjecting the health concerns of children because the public is not overwhelmingly concerned about climate change.

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