Obama’s ‘Behavioral Data’ Order Has Sinister Implications

If I had to sum up the Obama administration in a single word, I think that word would be “arrogance.” The president has always regarded himself as the smartest guy in the room, an ego that has been relentlessly stroked by the press and the people he surrounds himself with. He has refused to work with Congress, preferring instead to dictate his agenda to them and expect absolute compliance, or else. He opines about national news before knowing the facts. He expects foreign leaders to bend to the force of his personality in lieu of actual negotiations. He even promised to roll back the tides and heal the planet, as if Mother Nature herself would bow to his raw charisma and mighty intellect.

This arrogance is also displayed in Obama’s attitude towards the people who elected him. The American public, in his mind, are little more than sheep, to be herded in whatever direction he deems appropriate. It’s the mindset behind all big government progressives, but it’s been particularly evident under this president. The latest example is an executive order issued by President Obama that asks various government agencies to start using behavioral data in the way they market and implement government services.