I believe the author of the Dec. 16 editorial about Citizens for a Sound Economy is not informed about the focus of the group. CSE is a group of thousands of people all over this nation. It crosses social, economic, political, age and racial lines with the belief that spending needs to be cut instead of taxes being raised. Our method of doing this must be through federal and state legislatures and locally elected officials, since they are the ones raising taxes at an alarming rate. Most people live within a budget. State tax structures should be in accordance with the citizens’ level of income.

If frugal habits were applied to all government spending, there should be more than enough money to take care of the needs mentioned in the editorial. The problem comes from legislators who spend money for self-serving projects. Working citizens today work approximately from Jan. 1 through June 1 just to pay all the taxes that have been levied. I do not think this is what we elected legislators to do.

I am in the accounting industry and see people every day who feel the same way but fear to speak out because they operate a small business or their income is tied to the government.

Before you accuse anyone of being a bully, look at yourself. The media is the most feared segment of our society. You have the power to destroy or make people and companies, and the liberty of confidential sources.