Ohio Senate Must Act on Civil Forfeiture Reform

Ohio has the potential to implement major reform that has the power to restore basic American rights back in the hands of its citizens. An intrusive practice known as civil asset forfeiture gives law enforcement the opportunity to trample over Ohioans’ property and due process rights. Consequently, Ohioans are calling for reform.

Residents of Ohio are unhappy with the current forfeiture laws in the state. Fully 81 percent of Ohio citizens agree that the current laws require reform, according to a survey conducted by the U.S. Justice Action Network.

Ohio’s current civil asset forfeiture laws grant law enforcement the ability to seize and permanently keep property assets without charging or convicting individuals with a crime. A mere suspicion or perceived connection to criminal activity is sufficient to strip a person of his or her property. The unfortunate struggle to retrieve one’s property is so cumbersome, many owners choose to relinquish the opportunity to fight in a court setting.