Press Release from FreedomWorks on Dodd’s Senate Housing Bill

It looks as though Senator Dodd may have just gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar…click here to read the press release from FreedomWorks, an organization that advocates small government.

This could be something, or it could be nothing at all…but it’s good that FreedomWorks is doing what a lot of other people are not: reading the fine print.

If they are correct, this bill further illustrates a point I would like to spend more time on: electronic communications being treated differently than their traditional counterparts. Monitoring the content of a group’s digital transmissions is really no different than monitoring the content of their mail. Monitoring your electronic purchases is the same as having someone follow you around and write down how you spent all the cash in your wallet.

Email, text messages, chat transcripts, VoIP calls – even regular phone calls anymore – aren’t really safe lately. Because the government has so often equated their technological ability to pry with a legal right to do so.