Publicly-Subsidized Convention Center Hotels Risky Business

What? Citizens for a Sound Economy, the national conservative think

tank and grassroots organization is set to announce the findings

of The Source Strategies study showing that Dallas’ proposed

convention center hotel is not financially viable and will not

increase local demand.

The Dallas Taxpayers’ Rights Coalition is a non-partisan

coalition of citizens and local businesses opposed to the City’s

proposal to build a tax-subsidized, 1,200 room hotel adjacent to

the Dallas Convention Center. The Coalition contributed to

Citizens for a Sound Economy’s commissioned feasibility study

for the hotel.

When? 10 a.m., Wednesday, March 5th, 2003

Where? The Adam’s Mark

400 North Olive Street

Room: Lone Star A4

Who? Peggy Venable, Director, Citizens for a Sound Economy-Texas

Bruce Walker, President, Source Strategies

Tara Ross, Spokesperson, Dallas Taxpayers’ Rights Coalition

Steve Hollern, Chairman, Citizens for Taxpayers’ Rights-Fort


CONTACT: Sarah Wright, +1-214-871-8888, for Citizens for a Sound Economy.

SOURCE Citizens for a Sound Economy