Rep’s efforts on union dues applauded

As a public employee and constituent of State Rep. Kim Thatcher, I believe a recent “Box of Soap” commentary was off base.

Mr. Vowell criticized Rep. Thatcher for exercising her democratic right to be a chief petitioner on an initiative. FreedomWorks asked Thatcher if she would co-sponsor a measure to stop using taxpayer money to collect union dues. She supports the concept and was happy to lend her name.

Importantly, the measure would in no way “crimp the ability of unions to use collected dues for political activity.” Rather, it simply removes the state as the agent for that collection.

Vowell claims that some Washington, D.C. organization is pulling strings in Keizer. FreedomWorks Oregon is first a grassroots coalition of thousands of people around the state and only second joining with like-minded people in other states.

He also conveniently fails to point out that the unions are part of international organizations. Now who’s pulling strings?

Besides, Rep. Thatcher, “honest and independent” as she is, does no one’s bidding unless she believes the issue is right.

She has helped many constituents with their concerns. She even drafted and guided through the House a bill on my behalf. She cares about the people in her legislative district.

It’s high time someone stood up for union members who don’t want the state to use tax money to collect union dues spent on political causes. Rep. Thatcher deserves our support for doing the right thing.