Republican Establishment Mobilized Black Mississippi Voters With Race-Baiting

If there were ever any doubt the Republican establishment will do and say anything to stay in power, look no further than Mississippi.

In a sign of desperation, the establishment outrageously used race card tactics to defeat Senator Thad Cochran’s challenger Chris McDaniel in the recent Mississippi Republican primary.

While race card antics is the norm for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, it’s shocking that the Republican establishment would stoop to an all-time low by mimicking the actions of left-wing activists.

Robocalls sent out by Cochran supporters implied the Tea Party and Chris McDaniel were racists. The recording told voters to “say no to the Tea Party and their disrespectful treatment of the first African-American President.”

Flyers were also sent out claiming Tea Party activists would try to stop black Americans from voting in the primary.

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