The return to conservatism in Indiana

A night of celebration. There were no words to describe the evening of May 6th, 2014 for the residents of District 22 in Indiana. The result of nearly a twelve month search for the perfect candidate who stood for our principles and six months of intensive labor, campaigning for our candidate had come to an end. It was time.

Folks from all over the county, many coming directly from their volunteer stations at the polls came out to gather at the Oakwood Inn. They stood anxiously behind TV monitors to watch the results trickle in. Anticipation, anxiousness, joy, fear, and the dreaded question every campaigner asked themselves…. did we do enough? What if we made just 20 more phone calls?

All eyes on the monitors, the math completed. The cheers of excitement confirmed that indeed… We had done enough! Curt Nisly had officially won the primary election in district 22. Conservatism had won in the heartland once again! Not only did we win the nomination, we sent a message across the state by taking 65% of the vote!

Results from our sister county brought even more excitement to the sea of orange shirts at the celebration! Christopher Judy had also taken a massive win against incumbent Kathy Heuer, who had the same voting record as Ms. Kubacki! What a message this sent to Indianapolis. You cannot escape the watchful eyes of your constituents. No longer do we send our representatives to Indianapolis alone. Our roll call eyes follow every vote! And the biggest lesson of the night? Grassroots activism will trump thousands of dollars and dirty campaigning every time!