At RNC, Here’s What Trump, Republicans Have To Say On Our Country And Economy If They Want To Win

At this week’s Republican National Convention (RNC), the GOP has the opportunity to correct the narrative and push back on the absurdities Americans heard at last week’s Democratic National Convention (DNC).

By staying on message, the GOP can find success in November.

The GOP would do well to drive home three key points.

First, contrary to what Democrats would lead you to believe, America is not a fundamentally flawed country.

Second, economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic comes from getting businesses back on track and Americans back to work, not government stimulus.

Third, that left-wing calls for systemic overhaul are blatant power grabs that fly in the face of everything that has made America a success.

Throughout the convention, Republicans must affirm what most Americans have always believed: that the United States is founded on the timeless principles of liberty and self-government, and that all of us are created equal.

This is not to say that America is without faults– far from that– but that as a nation we always strive to do better.

Enough of the self-hating narrative we saw at last week’s DNC. America is and continues to be the land of opportunity for all. As usual, the Republicans will be the ones to remind us of this. They are not wrong.

Under President Obama, the economic recovery amounted to a lackluster two percent GDP growth, which was dubbed “the new normal.”

Talking heads have revived this term in the past few months in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic that has put millions out of work and shuttered thousands of businesses nationwide, many of which may never reopen. With the federal deficit approaching three trillion dollars, future stimulus bills are a frightening liability for the nation’s long-term fiscal outlook.

The GOP knows that our only option is to get the American economy back up and running safely and responsibly as we inch closer to a vaccine.

Prior to the pandemic, President Trump and the GOP’s pro-growth agenda of tax cuts and deregulation helped spur the US economy to record heights.

The path toward economic recovery requires a hands-off approach. This is in stark contrast to what Democrats have promised to do.

Where Democrats want to kill jobs by banning fossil fuels, the GOP understands that low emission natural gas is what has helped drive the American economy.

Where Democrats want to ban private insurance and burden small businesses with "Medicare-for-all," the GOP wants to give employers and employees health care freedom by way of expanded Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and health plan portability.

The GOP understands that the best way to move the economy forward is to let the private sector flourish.

Economic freedom should be a core tenet of this week’s RNC.

Economically, the system doesn’t need and cannot afford a total overhaul, especially in the form of the left’s "Medicare-for-all" or the Green New Deal. These proposals would cripple the economy and inhibit innovation, while at the same time granting the federal government more power.

Our nation’s history clearly shows that power corrupts.

America’s strengths come not from our government or our politicians, it comes from our shared values of free enterprise, individual liberty and freedom.

Now more than ever, Democrats are proposing new ways to strip Americans’ rights. Whether it is to abolish the Electoral College, pack the Supreme Court, or institute risky widespread mail-in voting, the GOP will rightly point out that these are power grabs under the guise of ending systemic injustice.

For all the talk from Joe Biden about “returning to normalcy,” his party has shown no qualms toward upending America’s established democratic norms.

If the GOP wants to win this November, they will promise to make sure everyday Americans, not bureaucrats or Congress, have the agency to make their own decisions. However, it is up to the American voter to hold them accountable to govern as they campaign.

If they remain on message and control the narrative, America will emerge from this year stronger than before.

In calling the Democrats out for what they are, Republicans will also make the case for why President Trump deserves another four years in Washington.

Republicans are lucky to have the last word at this year’s RNC.

Adam Brandon is the President of FreedomWorks.