School Choice Now More than Ever

Two things happened this past week that make the most powerful case ever for school vouchers.

First, the Department of Education’s lunatic ruling that public schools will soon have to allow transgender bathrooms and shower facilities. Bring back the dunce cap for whomever thought this one up.

Many parents around the country are so infuriated by this ruling that they see no other alternative than to pull their sons and daughters out of the public schools. The Obama ruling applies only to public institutions, which means private schools can still keep boys out of the girl’s locker rooms.

This is as it should be. Schools should be places that promote family and religious values rather than undermine them.

One advantage of parental choice in education through vouchers or scholarships is that values issues are left to the parents not politicians. Schools can announce their policies on issues from condoms or sexual identity accommodations to the best educational curriculum, and parents pick the schools accordingly. No one’s civil rights are violated and everyone is happy.

The only problem is that many poor parents can’t afford private tuition on top of the taxes they pay to finance the government schools. A voucher allows them options beyond the assigned school they are required to attend. Blacks have traditionally been a demographic group highly opposed to gay marriage, so it is doubtful that African American parents will be thrilled with transgender ‎bathrooms and showers in public schools. Solution: Give them a voucher to opt out.