Senator Chris Dodd (D) wants to track your credit card purchases

Senator Chriss Dodd a former democratic presidental contender inserted language into the Senate mortgage bailout bill that would require credit card merchants to submit transactions to the Feds.

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I have two basic problems with this.

First, shame on Senator Dodd who used the amendment process to insert an amendment that is completely unrelated to the mortgage bailout bill currently up for debate and a vote. I believe this is completely antithetical to the founding father’s concepts of fair, open, and honest debate.

If Senator Dodd believes that merchants should be required to submit transaction records to the federal government, he is more than welcome to introduce a bill to that effect.

However, any elected official who uses the amendment process to surreptitiously insert an unrelated provision should be ashamed of himself/herself for engaging in such egregious circumvention of democratic principles Americans expect from their leaders.

Second I am stunned that Senator Dodd who championed himself as a defender of civil liberties inserted an amendment that tramples on the very civil liberties and privacy he has led us to believe he defends.

I believe Senator Dodd should have to explain to the American people why he felt it is necessary and appropriate to insert this amendment into the mortgage bailout bill.

What do you think?