Sign Wars: Mississippi

There is one thing I keep hearing from activists across Mississippi. From Tupelo to Jackson, we keep hearing that our signs continue to be taken down, knocked over, or vandalized.

Last Saturday, I was putting up yard signs with volunteers in Canton. I was placing a few down the road and turned to see a man placing something on our sign and running off. Instead of making the effort to support his candidate, he placed a Cochran sticker on our sign!

Turns out they had a Cochran booth at the fair that he went over to after. I don’t know if he was part of their group, but this disturbing trend across the state is ridiculous.

Everywhere we turn, signs are gone that we put up hours before. It’s sad that Thad Cochran’s team and supporters – as demonstrated by the desperation of one of his field staffers taking down FreedomWorks for America signs – are resorting to this level.