Social Security is a concern

There was a debate Aug. 9 on Social Security between Congressmen Paul Ryan and some guy I have never heard of. This hired gun of the unions made the same claim that the Democrats do-that there is no real crisis in Social Security unless you are younger than 45. I am younger than 45. My future is in crisis!

First, what does the union have to do with my Social Security? What business does it have standing against my future? Are the unions going to make up the money I will lose from Social Security? Yeah, right! The same goes for AARP. Those of us younger than 45 will not forget the betrayal of AARP when we cannot retire at retirement age.

Before I was born, the U.S. government voted to give itself the right to rob Social Security and use the money for other things. My future was already screwed up. Now the government is giving me the opportunity to take back my future. Cool! This is my chance to stop the raid on Social Security and actually take control of my future. Private accounts the government cannot touch? Perfect, I love it! Thanks Congressman Ryan!

This Social Security debate has nothing to do with the unions or AARP.

The debate is between me and my government. The unions and AARP need to step out of this! It is my future that is at stake!