Tarrance Group Poll Finds Popularity Of Bush Economic Stimulus Plan Grows As Voters Learn More About It

A Tarrance Group/Citizens for a Sound Economy poll of 1007 registered voters conducted March 4-6 (+/-3.1%) showed: — “Awareness of the President’s economic plan has not yet penetrated the American public as the public has been focused on the U.N. inspections and the pending war with Iraq. Currently, 53% of American voters have heard something about the President’s economic plan; and initial support for the economic plan is 44% favor to 37% oppose. However, once people hear the facts about the plan, support moves 13 points to 57% favor.” — “In most cases, voters have not heard the specifics of the plan; however, once they are given the facts, most Americans like the plan and find the proposals to be ‘good ideas.’ As one reviews the data, a few items jump out. First, there is virtually no gender gap among married men and married women. These married voters find most of the proposals in the plan to be very appealing and helpful financially to their families.” — “Second, there is a married gap. Throughout the entire survey, married voters have a very separate opinion of that of single voters; and married voters are very positive towards the economic plan. Throughout the data they show high favor towards the proposals. Single voters however, are much more skeptical and tend to lean to a more Democratic position.” — “46% of voters feel the country is headed on the wrong track, while 38% feel we are headed in the right direction. Voters in the Northeast are the most skeptical (54% wrong track) while voters in the South Central region are more positive (53% right direction). Women are more reflective of the total population with 47% saying wrong track and 34% saying right direction; yet, men are evenly split on this matter with 44% wrong track to 44% right direction.” — “When asked to rate the current state of the economy 17% say it is good, 42% say it is just fair and 40% feel the economy is poor. Those most likely to say it is just fair tend to be younger voters, minority men, dads, white married women with children and Republican voters. Retired women, minority women, Independent and Democratic voters, and labor union members tend to rate the economy as being poor.” — “Yet, even with a plurality saying the economy is currently poor, people have a fairly positive view of the future. Voters are optimistic as over a third of voters (34%) feel they will be better off financially a year from now, and 44% say they will be in the same shape financially. These are not daunting figures, as they show a populace who feels the economy will turn around. This opinion stems some from the fact that 16% say they are better off financially than they were last year, and 56% say they are doing the same financially. Only a quarter (27%) say they are worse off.” — Fifty-three percent (53%) of voters disapprove of the way the Democrats in Congress are handling the economy (31% disapprove “strongly”). Nineteen percent (19%) are unsure and 27% approve of the job they are doing. Those who are the most likely to approve of the job they are doing are younger voters, and more Democratic leaning constituencies such as African Americans, Latinos (37%), and Democrats.” — “In examining the generic Congressional ballot, the Republicans have a 5- point lead with 44% choosing the Republican candidate and 39% choosing the Democrat. Seventeen percent (17%) are undecided. Republicans are doing well among the self-employed, women at home (54%), white men, and among married voters with whom they have a 17-point lead (50% Rep to 33% Dem). The Democrats are doing well among younger voters, African Americans (86%), and single voters. Seniors are split with 40% choosing the Republican, 37% choosing the Democrat and 22% being unsure. ” — “President Bush currently has a 58% job approval rating (41% “strongly” approve), and Republican voters have the intensity with 87% saying they approve, while 66% of Democrats disapprove of his job. Blue collar workers are very supportive of Bush with 63% saying approve; and union members are split with 43% saying approve to 50% saying disapprove. Working men overall support Bush with 64% and voters ages 35 to 44 support him with 64%. However, seniors are split 49% approve to 41% disapprove (this is driven by retired women).” — “Voters are currently split on their initial opinion of how President Bush is handling the economy – 49% approve to 43% disapprove. South Central voters (65% approve), voters ages 30 to 39 (57% approve), and married voters (55% approve) are the most positive of how Bush is handling the economy. Even the pre-retire group of 50 to 59 year olds approve of how Bush is handling the economy by 11-points (52% approve to 41% disapprove). Labor union members tend to be more negative with 58% disapprove.” — “At the end of the survey, voters were asked again to give their opinion on how President Bush is handling the economy. The results are 58% approve to 37% disapprove – an improvement of 9 points.”